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Sign Guide. 

We manufacture different types of signs and offer expert advice in to which materials we recommend for the job to ensure the sign longevity and for cost efficiency. 

If you require us to design your signage, check out our design service page. 

If you would like to supply you're own artwork, please check whether your artwork meets the artwork guidelines


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Flat signs can be used internally or externally. Usually we will use either di-bond for external or foamex or acrylic for internal. All materials are able to be cut/routed to any shape. There are also different ways to install these signs. They can either be screwed directly into the wall, or standoff fixings can be used so the sign stands out off the wall. 

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Frames can be an excellent, professional touch to your sign. The frames can be installed on walls, shop headers or just about any sturdy flat surface. Once installed, the sign can be easily change if you decide to update your signage. 

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A great way to help customers locate your business on the high street. Made from durable, weather-proof an UV protected materials. 

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Sign trays, made from folded aluminium dibond. This creates great impact when used as fascia signage. All four edges of the sign folded and joined at 90 degrees which forms a 3D ‘tray’ shape that sits prominently and proudly from the wall with all fixtures hidden inside discret


These signs are the perfect way to advertise your business to passing traffic, in vehicles or on foot. The post are fixed into the ground and an aluminium sign panel is mounted to the posts. These can be double sided so it can be seen from both directions 


Banners are a great temporary and cheap solution to promote your business. They can be easily moved, installed and stored. Great for advertising once a year seasonal offers. 


Internal wall art keeps the creativity flowing within the workplace. It can be there as a reminder of the company's goals and mission or can be a profound quote serving as a morale booster. 


Stand-off letters and logos are the perfect way to add depth to your logo. They can be used internally or externally, directly into the wall or mounted on to a flat, framed or tray sign.

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